Clouds (Cover) x Sinking – Kohei Koatsu (Fakiezero)

For years Clouds has been one of my go-to songs when I’d feel upset about something. I finally decided to cover it this year and somewhere along the way, I mashed it up with an unreleased original song called Sinking. The two songs just blended together so well, lyrically and musically. Put in a TON of emotion into this one so I hope you love it!

Also! I’ve decided to let this be the official birth song of a new name for acoustic covers, Kohei Koatsu (of Inziro Clan).

Hope you enjoy it! Peace!



woa,,,,,, me and tikes are fuckin back? WTF??! get ready for another frozen winter sometime,,, iain making no promises when but u kno its coming………. welcome to the coldest winter ever

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